As many of you saw on Facebook the pool would not open due to lack of funds, support and the incredible need for repairs and all around community support. Well in less than a week the community has come together to create a new board, a new energy and a new plan that will allow the pool to open for the summer of 2018! THIS SUMMER!!

We are excited and driven but we still need support on many levels. We need memberships to maintain the pool throughout the summer past just opening it! We will be contacting all former members and also looking for many new memberships. If you would like to join or if you know anyone who would, please click on the link above for Memberships and it will take you to the page with all the information you need!

Please check back often for more updates and keep an eye on our Facebook page for daily updates and progress reports!!

We are also offering corporate sponsorships, so if you know any businesses who would like to support our efforts, please send their contact info in using the contact page and someone will get in touch with them!!
We look forward to seeing you this summer and many more!

– Carter Community Pool





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